Remann Co. IT Asset Recycling Process of Warehousing management in Korea

REMANn Co. were social enterprise that recycles, reuses and remanufactures unused electronic equipment. We produce and sell re-manufactured computer equipped with appropriate function through refurbishing and upgrade of used computer. We protect environment through re-circulation of natural resource and contribute to digital divide. More than 4 million units of computers are discarded every year in Korea, and volume of electronic waste is increasing steadily. Harmful chemicals or heavy metals are contained in electronic wastes, therefore they should be handled safely. Weight of one unit of desktop computer is less than 10㎏, but its environmental value in recycling one unit is 1762㎏. Before recycling the materials, re-manufacturing is required for maximized reuse.

REMANn Co. were established in 2008 in order to solve such social issue. Persons who have same minds in making re-manufactured computers that are reliable and as good as new one established the company jointly. ICT equipment should be disposed safely because it has important information of company or individual person.

IT Asset Recycling

However, in case that reuse is not possible due to several reasons, we recycle them according to the legal procedure (Korea). For example, if repair cost is too much, if it is crucial defective and not safe, or if it is not used any more due to new technology, we recycle them.


REMANn Co. provide space and management solution for efficient management of IT equipment to customer.

This service is needed when storing returned equipment temporarily at the time of replacement with new equipment or when equipment replacement occurs continuously.

When time and space for equipment storage is not regular, fixed cost occurs if you rent warehouse and manpower is needed to control equipment.

We provide IT equipment storage and management service reflecting this kind of request of the company. Relocate IT assets in Korea

Are you looking for IT asset Reuse management Korea & Vietnam? REMANn Co. provide competitive service and procurement value to the customer used Computer Parts Components aims to maximize IT asset value of your company and we provide all necessary courses in a lump.


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