Seyoung metal Co., Ltd Agriculture Products of Hoes Reels Smart Grow Part & Pest Control Trap in Korea

SeYoung Metal Co., Ltd. grew in 1999 as a trading company specialized in exporting kitchenware. Since then, we have expanded our business into the field of PVC hose manufacturing and now export products to more than 40 countries around the world.

We are also increasing our reputation by exporting our products to overseas markets. Seyoung Metal has grown to become a world-class company by employing professional personnel with the value that nothing is more important than human resources. Seyoung Metal contributes to social development through win-win growth by supplying excellent products to customers.

Hoes Reels


  • MODEL: SYR-100
  • Hose Length(m):30m
  • Hose Size(mm):13mm
  • Net Weight(kg):5.65Kg


  • MODEL: SYR-101
  • Hose Length(m):20m
  • Hose Size(mm):13mm
  • Net Weight(kg):4.2Kg


  • MODEL: SYR-102
  • Hose Length(m):50m
  • Hose Size(mm):13mm
  • Net Weight(kg):11.6Kg


  • MODEL: SYR-103
  • Hose Length(m):80m
  • Hose Size(mm):13mm
  • Net Weight(kg):15.6Kg


  • MODEL: SYR-104
  • Hose Length(m):5.57kg
  • Hose Size(mm):8.5,10,13
  • Net Weight(kg):5.57Kg

Smart Grow Pot & Pest Control Trap

  • Smart Grow Pot
  • Automatic water supply system
  • Eco-friendly material used
  • For growing chemical-free vegetables
  • Comfortable water supply
  • Easy to install and carry
  • various kinds of colors

Pest Control Trap

  • Size(mm):290 x 400
  • Power Supply(v):220
  • Power Consumption(w):52
  • Revolutions per minute (RPM):1,550
  • Noise(dB):30
  • Applicable Area (㎡):330~665

The company has been exporting its products to more than 40 countries throughout the world. By supplying excellent products to customers, Seyoung Metal contributes to social development through win-win growth. The company continues to boost its reputation by exporting its products to overseas markets. Holding onto its value that nothing is more important than human resources, Seyoung Metal hires outstanding human resources to grow into a world-class company.

By supplying excellent products to customers, Seyoung Metal contributes to social development through win-win growth. The company continues to boost its reputation by exporting its products to overseas  Flexible metal Gas hose Korea markets. Holding onto its value that nothing is more important than human resources, Seyoung Metal hires outstanding human resources to grow into a world-class company.


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