Specialized in the development of peptide bio-materials and new drugs in korea- ANYGEN CO., LTD

ANYGEN CO., LTD. is the first bio-venture company in Gwangju and Jeonnam province. It has developed peptide biomaterial process and quality management technology that was developed independently since its establishment in 2000. Based on this, we have localized peptide biomaterials, which had previously relied on imports, and are making efforts to advance into the global market based on superior quality and price competitiveness. In 2016, it was listed on the KOSDAQ based on its proprietary peptide biomaterials and new drug development technology.

In addition, ANYGEN CO., LTD. has supplied custom peptide products in local and international pharmaceutical companies apart from competitors, we contribute to the revitalization of developing a new medicine. Ultimately it is lead to improvements and increase in sales.

We will secure stable cash flow through the production and production of peptide biomaterials, and will actively invest in R & D for amino acid and peptide-based drug candidates, and establish a globalization strategy to build a global bio-venture company with international competitiveness and sustainable growth. We want to present a successful and ideal model.

Manufacture of peptide APIs according to GMP regulations:

ANYGEN CO., LTD.’s GMP plant is Korea’s first facility specialized in the production of peptide drug raw materials, and has the facilities and infrastructure necessary for the synthesis, purification, drying and quality control of peptide drug raw materials. It has been designed and manufactured to meet the standards of excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and has been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for the first time in Korea to approve the manufacture and quality control of peptide drugs

R & D:

We intend to grow into a global biopharmaceutical company through continuous research and development, technology transfer, and commercialization of new drug candidates that have better efficacy and safety than existing drugs and can treat new diseases.

Zen Ltd. Annie with R & D technology to lead the market, and has the Pipeline for new peptide drug development and commercialization.

Are you looking for a Research Peptide drugs Manufacturer in Korea? Based on our accumulated technology and know-how for over ten years, ANYGEN has established various synthesis methods for peptide characteristics, and the composition and length of amino acid, scale, and the synthesis method that is characterized by customer’s request are selected.







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