World Automotive Human Machine Interface Solutions Market

World Automotive Human Machine Interface Solutions Market Size Analysis
According to Bekryl Market Analysts, World Automotive human machine interface solutions market is valued over USD 3.1 Bn and will grow by 1.9X by 2028. The market is registering impressive growth and will be a disruptive force to automotive industry. Rise in digitization along with higher integration of IoT has largely boosted the HMI solutions in automobiles.
Automotive Human Machine Interface Solutions Market Dynamics
Automotive HMI market will gain significant growth owing to major developments in telematics and infotainment side. Nowadays, majority of the functions are operated through applications and smartphone.
This trend was largely limited to premium cars, however, is gaining prominence among economic and low-end vehicles. This has boosted the overall demand for human machine interface.
Technological transformation in automotive industry will have huge impact on unit sales. Human machine interface is evolving at a fast pace. Various factors are expected to boost the automotive HMI market worldwide. Rise in vehicle connectivity and emergence of autonomous vehicles are key factors driving the overall HMI solutions. Since 2005, number of accident cases has manifold. Most of such cases arises from driver inebriated conditions or inability to take sound decisions. As such, driver behavior analysis has been at core of the research. Companies are developing interface that can understand driver mindset and intentions – thereby minimizing any fatal casualties. Multimodal interface will gain high traction owing to demand for complex decision making abilities. IoT and artificial intelligence will be at core of the fundamental research in HMI for another ten years.
World Automotive Human Machine Interface Solutions Market Size: Technology Assessment
On the basis of technology, automotive HMI market value is analyzed across
• Acoustics Interface
• Visual Interface
• Mechanical Interface
• Haptic Interface

North America Automotive Human Machine Interface Solutions Market Size
According to Bekryl, North America is the leading destination for vendors. The region accounted for over 55% of total revenue in 2018. The trend is likely to continue throughout the forecast period, owing to higher R&D spending and emergence of innovative digitized companies.
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