Treating Insomnia with the best Thai Massage in Bangkok

Constant traveling for work recently has made me an insomniac. I can’t sleep well, and I think it’s because of no physical activities. I travel almost every week, and my hauls are pretty hectic. My assignments are so heavy on priorities that I cannot find space to sleep. When I reached Bangkok, my body wanted to rest. It was as if I body tried to tell me to, but my mind was occupied with so much stress that I could do everything but not sleep. By the way, let’s not forget to mention that I got my cheap airline tickets to Bangkok from Cheapbestfares.
I researched online on different ways to cure insomnia and methods. And one blog recommended me to try traditional Thai massage to cure insomnia. I do not know if it was a coincidence or not, but being in Bangkok kind of made me hopeful about my situation. I had in distress, and I wanted to relax my mind, body, and soul just to let the flow of sleep start getting regularly. I knew I needed therapy and so I visited the local Thai spa called Savanna.
The massage parlor had a very Zen feeling. The aroma of lemongrass diffuser and incense sticks already set my mood to complete relaxation. I met a massage expert and expressed my concerns to her. She was very relaxed and calm. She said that insomnia is a common symptom to those who travel a lot and have no physical activity. Psychological insomnia works when your body lacks physical movements, loose muscles, and stress. I had to agree with whatever the masseuse was telling me. I just wanted to get started with the message because I really wanted to sleep. She then went on explaining the process of the message. Essential oils would be used to release the pressure points and allow the circulation of the blood. After the briefing, I was instructed to go to my massage room.
The view inside the room was holistic. A masseuse entered the room and started my massage. She was very gentle and interactive. One thing that always scared me about massages was that I might be hurt but too much pressure. But Thai massage is unlike any other massages. The massage strokes my masseuse was implementing on my back was beyond words. I could feel the muscles relaxing with every stretch. Every gland of my body was being stretched with every application of essential oil. Every ligaments and tendon were being healed; I could feel that. I was flying, but I was laying down in reality. I begin to realize that my mood was elevating. I was in harmony with the tune of my muscles dancing to the chords of my masseuse’s movements.
I felt that my stress was nothing but my assumption and my body telling me to workout. The message was my kind of pleasing work out. My back pain which I had for months seems to rest in peace finally. I could breathe better. My hands and legs were stretched to the point I didn’t know they could go. I heard my bones crack. This made me realize that I was in chronic pain with zero flexibility and no strengths to deal with insomnia.
Once my massage was done, I was in heaven, totally relaxed and improved. The massage expert told me to come back for one more session before I leave Bangkok. I assured her that I will. Two days later after my second and last session, I could see a lot of improvement in my body. I was better to sleep better and stress-free. I have decided to take care of my physical and mental health seriously now. I have decided to go through a routine that allows my passion for traveling in a manner that suits my health. Maybe this is my 2019 resolution.
That’s all from my Bangkok therapy chapter for now. Currently, I am on my way to the great city of London. I booked my London flights with Cheapbestfares. Thanks its amazing discounts on London airline tickets and my London trip is happening even at the last minute. And trust me I wasn’t added any last minute charges. See you soon.

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