Visa Application Refusal – Judicial Review

While many people think that lodging the visa application is the hardest part of the visa process, it is in fact not. The most difficult part comes after you lodge your visa application – the wait for the decision. If everything does not go to plan and your application gets refused, that period is the hardest to deal with.

However, having your visa application refused does not mean the end of the world! There are a number of ways to challenge the decision made on your application, such as the Judicial review. Australia Immigration!

Problem: Visa Application Rejected Despite Everything Being Perfectly in Order

You double-checked your visa application multiple times before lodging it, making sure that your application is absolutely air-tight and has no scope of being rejected. Proper documents, proper format, meeting the deadline – everything is covered with aplomb. You are so much confident in your preparation that you have that wonderful gut-feeling of being granted the visa in a matter of days.

However, in the reply letter, you are informed that your application is rejected, and you have not been granted the visa.

Solution: Challenging the Visa Application Decision with the Expert Help of eduaid

To make sure your plans stay on track, contact eduaid. This is a situation we have dealt with before, and one we can help you fight. We will help you contest the decision with a Judicial review, which is a procedure to appeal an erroneous migration decision. It checks for various different kinds of discrepancies in the original review of a migration visa application. Some such discrepancies include:

  • A misuse or breach of the natural rules
  • Incorrect procedures being followed
  • Review by an individual who does not have the jurisdiction to perform the review, and many more.

We have extensive experience in dealing with visa problems such as these, and have unparalleled expertise when it comes to dealing with the authorities. Our long record of successful review cases speaks for itself, and goes on to show just why we have been setting industry standards for almost two decades.

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