What to consider when Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Between a full-time job and personal life, one hardly gets time to look after the daily chores and maintain the house in top shape. Whether you are living all alone or with a roommate or a complete family, looking after the house is in itself a huge job, one that seems never-ending.

Perhaps hiring a maid in Singapore can help. Reluctant to entrust your house and belongings to someone else? Well, your worries are natural since appointing house help or even a part time maid Singapore is a complicated task that requires a fair bit of efforts in finding and evaluating the right person.

We have outlined a set of things that you must consider while looking for a maid. Read on.

Determine what type of help is required and how often

Is your house generally clean but you struggle with seasonal cleaning and maintenance? Maybe you have naughty kids or a pet that keeps your house cluttered all the time. Determining the type of help you require and the how often can help you figure out if an individual or a company is more suitable for your needs. Seasonal cleaning or individual projects can be accomplished with the help of a professional company. You can hire a part-time maid for cleaning once every week or two weeks depending on how dirty your home gets.

References and experience

The best way to start your search for a reliable maid service is through references. Ask your family and friends for references for maid services they are using or have used in the past. You can also look for leads online, but again, make sure you ask for their previous work experience, get references and verify to establish reliability. The person you hire will work in your home and will stay around your loved ones. Therefore, trust is an important factor and asking references can help you ensure that.


Maid services in Singapore can be hired at a flat fee or on an hourly basis. Both payment options come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With the hourly fees, you have the risk of maids working at a slower pace to increase hours and get a higher payout. Similarly, at flat fees, you might encounter sloppy maids who may not complete the chores correctly. Evaluate the pros and cons and find what works out best for you.

Trial period

Before finalising a maid service, how about agreeing on a trial period. This will help you check the quality of their work and see if you are satisfied with the same. The trial period will also enable the maid to gauge your expectations. This way both the parties can estimate if they are fit.

We hope that the tips mentioned above will be helpful in finding a reliable maid service Singapore.

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